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Indian Institute of Mass Communication

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The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) is an Indiaan media school funded and promoted by the Government of India.[1][2] IIMC is an autonomous society under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.[3] The institution was established on August 17, 1965 with support from UNESCO.[4]



[edit] The Institute

IIMC has two branches, one in Delhi and the other in Dhenkanal (Orissa).[5] The institute stands ahead of others in its infrastructure and permanent faculty status. The per faculty student ratio is pegged at about 1:8, better than any Indian media school. The Institute attracts maximum applications[clarification needed] than any Indian media school. Only 1 out of 100 applicants stands a chance to get admitted.[6] Most prominent faculties include Senior Journalist Prof. Shivaji Sarkar, Prof. KM Srivastava, Dr. J Jethwaney, Prof. S Raghavachari, Dr. Gita Bamezai, Prof. Hemant Joshi, Shashwati Goswami and Dr. Anand Pradhan.[7][8] Media personality Sunit Tandon is the present director of IIMC.

[edit] Courses

IIMC ranked as India's best media school
IIMC teaches a variety of disciplines including print journalism, photo journalism, radio journalism, television journalism, development communication, communication research, advertising and public relations. IIMC offers postgraduate programmes in Print Journalism, Electronic Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations. Of late,[when?] it has started programmes in Hindi and Oriya language. The students and alumni of IIMC are colloquially referred to as IIMCians. IIMC alumni have achieved success in a variety of professions, but primarily Indian media. IIMC offers Diploma Course in Development Journalism for non-aligned and developing countries. The institute was basically set up to provide training to the officers of the Indian Information Service. The institute also conducts each year a number of specialised short-term courses to meet the training needs of media personnel working in government and public sector organizations.

[edit] An International Media University

Considering the status of IIMC as an institution of exceptional excellence in the field of media and matching those of Indian Institutes of Technology, and Indian Institutes of Management, Indian government has decided to develop it as an international media university.[9]

[edit] Noted IIMCians

[edit] References

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