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Srikant Pratyush in the media are a large broker!

AB Srikant Pratyush journalists in the media are a large broker!

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Rajnama. Com,  senior journalist Srikant Pratyush of journalism in Bihar has no parallel. Here's the official non-government - the largest Jugadhulal system is considered. Dignitaries as well as the media has created this statement to which the stage, he will be successful more quickly. Kthartha, Srikant proved that there are people like that in this system as a broker, he as a journalist.The rest ... guy - Gara, Ntthu - Kara.
Says that Lalu - Rabri rule of law that, even when they roost, and this is Suraj Kumar G, is still calling the shots. Mr. Pratyush is an ordinary journalist.
Sir, what is interesting about this is reported, they are quite startling. The street now Sir private channel Zee News Bureau chief of the Patna. From Patna in the Swmitv Pitian news channel called Pratyush new state run newspapers. Daily virtuous path in the hands of the law, Patna edition is published. This is unique for them at the moment सरकारी ad media house Jugadh Ko Kitna appoint or not appoint or appoint a deal so much with so what should be, sir, the more set. Of course once the bane of bohemian life of millions of AB Journalism in the legend to play what is hidden in secret.  
Your state. ORG According to a report
"The Media Mafia Biada Bihar Srikant Pratyush (relative to IG Gupteshwar Pandey) Industrial area 20 thousand square feet on the ground of Pataliputra provided so that the press and Mr. Pratyush the channel can open. The fun is that Mr. Pratyush's proposal was not brought before Saipibi. The evidence still you will find on the website of Industries Department, Government of Bihar. "
Hindi media. Com, despite the
"In addition to politicians and bureaucrats, journalists have been obliged in the sharing. Srikant Pratyush Zee News related to the virtuous path and there are journalists. The daily newspaper 'Nvvihar' own too. 20,000 square feet of land has also Biada. "
Outburst media. Com also open Polः
"His name is Srikanth. Poor senior journalist. Regardless of their academic qualifications peon, but these large senior journalist. Raj Yadav was the first in the province, the minister took his hand made Khaini used to be cool. Dear Srikanth, senior journalists when they hand the heart of the garden - the garden was to arise. After the collapse of Mr. Yadav Raj Srikanth G has also defected. "
However, the act of journalism in the name of the stigma Srikant Pratyush Kumar exposes the secrets of the frame of the media, the commercial nature of journalism is also a shame. The force is being said even the media business, the business of prostitution has been outdone. Srikant Pratyush brokers in this country to deal with such a constitutional or moral responsibility does not belong?

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