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वेद मारवाह सा कौन?

Ved Marwah :Tough cop with tender heart

 VED MARWAH, an upright and extraordinary cop,towers over his peers in Indian Police service for his deep knowledge and understanding of various aspects of policing. Arguably he was the best police commissioner Delhi has ever seen with absolutely unblemished career.

In a city where everyone is VIP , alleged VIP and loves to flaunt his connections brazenly, Ved Marwah used to go after such apology of VIPs with heavy hands. Nobody could influence him. He was role model to generations of Delhi police officials. Unquestionably he changed the Delhi police for better. He ensured that 100 number extension of Delhi police should have as many as lines as possible. Further he strengthened women wing of Delhi police.  Women safety issues were never got attention till he  became commissioner of Delhi police in 1985. Those were the days when Delhi police spirits were in dumps post 1984 riots. He led from the front and instill confidence in his force.

A topper in Economics from St. Stephen's college,  Ved  Marwah was a man of letters and an accomplished author too. After all he was son of a book shop owner. His father established Fakirchand books in Khan Market.  This was the shop where Khushwant Singh visits almost daily for decades.
Remember khan market was allotted to Refugees from Peshawar. He spent his formative years in New Rajinder Nagar and Khan Market. Both bastions of Pathan families of Peshawar. Delhi and Delhi police will always miss such a gem.
Vivek Shukla

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