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why RK Laxman was the baap of all cartoonists



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11 cartoons that show why RK Laxman was the baap of all cartoonists

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India lost her beloved “Common-Man” creator, cartoonist RK Laxman this week. Arre Chintu salutes RK Laxman by compiling a short list of his great creations of his career spanning over 5 decades.
1. When he pitted himself against Indira Gandhi
His understanding of the Emergency was as appropriate as it can ever get!
2. When he pitted himself against Indira Gandhi, again
Emergency press regulation did not stop him from doing his job, yet again
3. On Gujarat relief
4. Aptly pointing out the all familiar Sena-BJP relations
Situation has not changed much since this 1990 cartoon
5. When he represented linguistic problems
A large issue represented neatly in this small cartoon
6. On Salman Khan’s driving capabilities
Enough said!
7. When he showcased JP’s agenda for social and political change
Jayaprakash Narayan was the Anna Hazare of the 1960’s and 70’s and was a key player during the Emergency.
8. When he remarked upon Indian work ethics
Our work ethics (or rather a lack of them) are well known and RK Laxman here takes a dig upon them
9. Observing how India deals with its famine and drought problems
10. When he showcased Mahatma Gandhi’s India in a post liberalisation world
11. The story of Indian politics was never said so pertinently
12. When we are held at gun point by daily life
Hands up, common man!
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His humour has infected us for decades now. Continue his legacy by sharing these cartoons.


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