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WordPress Photo Gallery


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WordPress Photo Gallery
Step by step guide
Step 6:  Creating/Editing Themes for different views of the Photo Gallery.
Use one of the default themes or click “Add new” button to create a new theme.
6.1 Thumbnails.
6.1.1 Name. Provide a name for the theme.
6.1.2 Margin. Define the space around the thumbnail in pixels.
6.1.3 Padding. Define the padding of the thumbnail.
6.1.4 Border width. Outline the border width of the thumbnail.
6.1.5 Border style. Choose the style to be applied to the border of the thumbnails.
6.1.6 Border color. Select the border color for the thumbnails.
6.1.7 Border radius. Define the border radius in CSS type values.
6.1.8 Shadow. Change the shadow of the image using CSS type values.
6.1.9 Hover effect. Choose the effect to the applied to individual images when hovered or avoid having any.
6.1.10 Thumbnail background color. Choose the background color for the thumbnails.
6.1.11 Hover effect value. Specify the values for the selected hover in CSS type.
6.1.12 Transition. Choose whether to have a transition with hover effects or not.
6.1.13 Thumbnail transparency. Specify the level of the transparency you want to apply to the thumbnails.
6.1.14 Full background color. Choose the background color for the overall thumbnail view box.
6.1.15 Full background transparency. Specify the level of the transparency you want to apply to the overall thumbnail view box.
6.1.16 Alignment. Select the alignment of the thumbnail box.
6.1.17 Title position. Choose the position for the gallery title.
6.1.18 Title font size. Define the font size for the image title.     
6.1.19 Title font color. Choose the image title font color. 
6.1.20 Title font family. Choose the font family for the image title.
6.1.21 Title font weight. Choose the font weight for the image title.   
6.1.22 Title box shadow. Using CSS type values set the box shadow for the image title.     
6.1.23 Title margin. Set the image title margin using CSS type values.

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