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Heroin Sting Operation Nets Three Arrests

प्रस्तुति-- दिनेश कुमार सिन्हा
FRONT ROYAL, Va. - With its flower beds and welcoming colonial columns, one would never expect a suburban house to be the scene of a major drug bust.
"It’s a nice quiet neighborhood, it really is,” said Linda Pomeroy, who lives only a few doors down from where the drug bust occurred. "Everybody speaks to each other, and waves to each other. I've even waved to the people over here,” she said, pointing to the house. “Never expected a thing really."
On June 26, 2014 Drug Task Force agents seized 97 individually wrapped bags of heroin from the 400 block of Kerfoot Avenue, which they say has a street value of about $3,000. 
"Most of us can't actually go out and purchase narcotics ourselves,” said Jason Lethcoe, narcotics detection with the Town of Front Royal and the lead investigator in this case. “Especially in a small town, so we use confidential informants to do that."
After months of investigating officers arrested two brothers, Brandon Gibbs-Brown and Cody Gibbs-Brown, and an accomplice, Joseph Williams. All three men have been charged with distribution of heroin.
"Over the past year or two, I’ve been suspicious of something going on,” said Pomeroy. “I’ve seen kids when they're supposed to be in school and they'll meet each other up here on [the corner of] Brown and Kerfoot, and pass something from one had to the other."
Investigators said during their last several confidential purchases, the heroin at Kerfoot Avenue was packaged differently than what they had been seeing. It was labeled under the name "China Power".
"It’s almost like branding clothing,” said Lethcoe. “Every dealer has their own brand of heroin that they sell and generally what we buy in Front Royal is packaged differently than this. It caught our attention because we had seen it before in some other cases that I had worked on when I first got in the task force."
The case is now closed but further charges are pending on all three individuals.
All three men have been released on recognizance and are expected back in court beginning on July 15. 
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