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BMM Syllabus - Mumbai University Course

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Detailed Bachelors of Mass Media Syllabus for first, second and third year.

BMM Syllabus
Semester I (First Year)

·  Effective Communication Skills - I

·  Fundamentals of Mass Communication

·  Introduction to Computers

·  Landmarks to 20th Century World History

·  Introduction to Sociology

·  Economics

Semester II (First Year)
·  Effective Communication Skills - II

·  Political Concepts and Indian Political Systems

·  Principles of Marketing

·  Introduction to Psychology

·  Principles of Management

·  Introduction to Literature in English

Semester III (Second Year)

·  Introduction to Advertising

·  Introduction to Journalism

·  Introduction to Public Relations

·  Introduction to Media Studies

·  Introduction to Culture Studies

·  Introduction to Creative Writing

Semester IV (Second Year)

·  Mass Media Research

·  Organizational Behavior

·  Understanding Cinema

·  Radio and Television

·  Advance Computers

·  Print Production and Photography


Semester V (Third Year)

·  Advertising in Contemporary Society

·  Copywriting

·  Advertising Design

·  Consumer Behavior

·  Media Planning and Buying

·  Brand Building

Semester VI (Third Year)

·  Advertising and Marketing Research

·  Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics

·  Financial Management for Marketing and Advertising

·  Agency Management

·  The Principal and Practice of Direct Marketing

·  Contemporary Issues


Semester V (Third Year)

·  Reporting

·  Editing

·  Feature and Opinion

·  Journalism and Public Opinion

·  Indian Regional Journalism

·  Niche and Magazine Journalism - I

Semester VI (Third Year)

·  Press Laws and Ethics

·  Broadcast Journalism

·  Niche Journalism - II

·  Internet and Issue in the Global Media

·  News Media Management

·  Contemporary Issues
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