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Concept Note:

The most powerful winds of change in education have been propelled by the
distance learning concepts. The philosophy of distance education underlines
the need to functionally link the section of society that has been deprived of
the benefits of higher education with the main stream of country’s human
The humanity is witnessing an unprecedented explosion of knowledge
because of rapid scientific and technological developments. On the other
hand an unprecedented growth rate of population in the country has resulted
in the corresponding increase in number of students. The existing formal
system of education, on account of its rigidity and high cost, finds it difficult
to involve all those who desire to join the main stream of higher education.
The existing formal system is also not expected to incorporate new changes
as speedily as desired. By its very nature it is also unable to address to the
needs of that section of young generation which suffers from economic,
social and geographical deprivation grounds. Distance education method has
the potential and prospects of bridging the techno-educational gaps in higher
education system. The proposed workshop anticipates focused discussions
on such key aspects by resource persons.
The younger generation that stands deprived of the advantage of
formal learning has its own limitations and varied needs. Due to abject
poverty earning comes before learning for them. In addition geographical
isolation, due to lack of communication, particularly in the hill and plateau
regions of the country, precludes their involvement with formal education
courses. The misfortune of our country has been the existence of socially
isolated or disadvantaged groups due to financial, physical, social, emotional
or family circumstances. They want to learn without depriving themselves
from their basic occupation which supports their family.
In such a context the proposed workshop envisages the need of
improvement in the excellence of human resources of the nation to meet the
emerging challenges of globalization and modernization. The philosophy
and ideas generated through a nation-wide discussion on the theme will help
in steering the existing system of distance education in the University for
achieving the aims.
The proposed seminar asserts that democratization of education can
be achieved through strengthening of distance education efforts. It is because
there are people from different age and sex groups who desire to enhance
their educational qualifications. The gap between male and female literacy is
a big hurdle in the path of progress of the nation. The population in general
and females in particular are not in a situation to join formal education
institutions and for them distance learning is the only means to add to their
working capability.
The easy accessibility of distance education is the main reason why
the deliberations on various aspects of distance education are supposed to
have better prospects of enhancing the quality of human resources and of
bridging the socio-economic and geographical gaps in the path of learning.
Rationale of Seminar.
Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University has been set up with
the aim of establishing Hindi as an international language and to familiarize
the society in general with different branches of knowledge. The University
aims to introduce innovative set of courses which may augment social
awareness concerning issues from local to global scales. The University
comprises of a full-fledge Department of Distance Education. The
philosophy of Distance Education underlines the need to functionally link
the section of society that has been deprived of the benefits of higher
The University has emerged as a centre where experts from various
academic and extra-academic fields keep on assembling and imparting
theoretical, experimental and field based knowledge with the Department of
Distance Education as a keystone in augmenting social linkages with various
sections of the society. The organization of the proposed National workshop
will strengthen its aspiration to retrieve not only the social and geographical
isolation of society deprived of the reach to higher education but also to
bring together people of different age-groups to enhance their vision of
higher education. The assemblage of eminent speakers and prospective
participants will benefit the university community in general.
i. To promote capacity building opportunities through the streams of
Distance Education.
ii. To advise the participants on conceptual and theoretical aspects of
Distance Education.
iii. To provide a platform for interactive discussions on democratic
aspirations of higher education.
iv. To propose a pilot project involving issues related to selfimprovement
of deprived individuals through Distance Education.
v. To put forward a working plan for self-improvement of younger
generation through Distance Education.
The Organization of the seminar
The execution of the proposed seminar will generally be based on –
i. Interactive thematic presentations by resource persons.
ii. Individualized / group based focused presentations by participants.
iii. Paper presentation on theoretical and conceptual aspects.
Focal Themesa.
Historical Perspective of Distance Education.
b. Democratization of Education through Distance Education.
c. Maximizing Socio-geographical Interactions and
Effectiveness within Distance Education.
d. Societal Reformation of Women’s Rights through
Distance Education
For detail information please contact
Amrendra Kumar Sharma
Distance Education Secretariat
Mobile no. 9422905755

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