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Eight Elements of News

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  • 1. 8 Elements of News What is news? Why is it news? Why is it published?
  • 2. Timeliness The news happened recently (since the last edition) It’s new , otherwise, we’d call it “olds” Almost every story has some timeliness aspect For example: A teen driver is hit by another car at the intersection of Miller and Russell today, in the newspaper tomorrow.
  • 3. Currency No, not as in money It’s related to something else in the news. For example: A story on how many accidents have occurred at this intersection in the last few years.
  • 4. Conflict War, elections, sports Any time there is a struggle For example: In an election year a lot of stories about the election are news. The conflict in Iraq is news.
  • 5. Consequence The subject of a story has an impact on how people live their lives. For example: A story on a new curfew that will take effect, or a street that is under construction, or a scientific breakthrough
  • 6. Prominence Elected, wealthy, famous For example: If I choke on a pretzel, it’s not news. When the president does, it is news.
  • 7. Proximity Closeness, either because of geographical proximity or because of relationship For example: News about the area (geographical) or news about things of interest/concern to locals (relationship).
  • 8. Human Interest “ Warm and fuzzy” feeling For example: Olympic athlete bios, Dateline “Survivor Stories”
  • 9. Oddity Weird stuff For example: Something bizarre that just doesn’t fit anywhere else
  • 10. Three goals of journalism Inform Educate Entertain

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