मंगलवार, 16 फ़रवरी 2021

Nature is manager


*Brahmi is Brain* 

*Arjuna is Heart*

*Ashwagandha is Strength*

*Shatavari is Stamina*

*Guduchi ( गिलोय)is Immunity*

*Mulethi is throat*

*Ginger is digestion*

*Coconut oil is metabolism*

*Sweet Potatoes are Pancreas*

*Pumpkin is the GUT* 

*Carrots are Retina*

*Tulsi is Oxygen*

*Tomatoes are Prostate*

*Pomegranate is Red blood cells* 

*Water is Blood* 

*Grapes are Lungs*

*Papaya is Liver*

*Apples are breathing Respiration*

*Moringa is Muscles & joints*

*We are gifted daily 660 litres of oxygen equivalent to 15 lakhs of ventilator cost, from the day we are born*

*& yet we are searching about credibility of medicinal plants & their claims substantiation.*


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