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मुख्यमंत्री हेल्पलाइन नंबर 1076. जनता से एक कदम और करीब हो गये योगी जी / राजेश सिन्हा

 *CM reaches the doorsteps of the common man*

*The hoardings of CM Helpline 1076 to be put at all the tehsils and police stations*

*If this office is not able to redress your problem, the CM office will help you*

*CM puts redressal of people complaints on 'high priority' list*

*Yogi insists if grievances not heard at local level, call Chief Minister Helpline 1076*

*Directs to make people aware of the complaint redressal system*

 Rajesh Sinha

Lucknow, l 

In a novel way to have direct connect with the people of state, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made access of any aggrieved person easy by opening his office through 1076 helpline in a fresh manner.  

    The CM has directed to put hoardings of 1076 CM Helpline on every Tehsil and Police Station in the first phase to be placed at all the government offices in the next phase thereby signifying that the Chief Minister has reached the doorsteps of the people of the state. Idea is to make people confident that their complaints, grievances and the concerns will be attended to by none other than the Chief Minister. The board will say " if this office is not able to redress your problems, come to us through 1076. The CM office will help You."

      The very thought of throwing open doors of CM office to the common man struck when a random distress call reached CM Yogi and his sensitivity prompted him to put a system in place to attend to the problems of the people, in general. Not before, the CM issued strict directions to the field officers to maintain the efficacy of 'thana diwas' and 'tehsil diwas' with a proper feedback system.

        In his directions, the CM made it clear that iIf the grievances of the public are not redressed properly at police station, tehsil or even district level, they should come to The Chief Minister directly. The CM Helpline number 1076 is there to help any citizen who comes with a genuine problem. 


           The CM desired that the 'tahsils' and 'police stations' of all the districts should be sensitised enough to redress the woes of the poor. If not, the officers will be taken to task and the DMs and SPs of the concerned district will be held liable for the lapse. Furthermore, if the complainant is not satisfied with the redressal, then he or she may approach the CM helpline.

     The CM helpline, which the CM wans to be strengthened further in terms of effective monitoring and a robust feedback mechanism, had come into operations from February 13,2018. It is manned by some 250 personnel who receive about 35,000 calls everyday. The complaints received from CM helpline are forwarded to different departments where they belong to. A proper feedback system is in the place to monitor the status of complaints with the instructions that the aggrieved person should be asked about his 'satisfaction level' .

        Out of a total of about 45 lakh complaints lodged on CM helpline, more than 35 lakh have so far been disposed of. The real importance of CM helpline came to fore during Covid times when it was extensively used by the migrants and all those who were in distress. In fact, the local public representatives, DM offices, Asha workers and corporations were all integrated into the system to provide relief to the complainants.

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