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How to d Deal with the lockout

Crises Management

How to deal with the Lockout

1. Stop getting frustrated and accept  that it is the need of the hour.
2. Have a briefing Session with your family and explain them that we are not on holiday but We are fighting an important battle against a pandemic,  We Can win only by being united.
3. Conduct a micro level audit of your Kitchen and stocks. Actually take a note and pen and write down. (Please do not be proud of your memory power).
4. Plan the menu for first 2 to 4 days by utilising those long stored items and perishable items.
5. Have a fair estimation of stocks like rice, wheat, oil, sugar, grains etc and plan the menu with simple items. We can definitely enjoy those 4 or 5 course meals later once we pass through this tough time.
6. A wise eater is who limit the food intake to 80%. There should remain nothing as left over. Prepare a sufficient and minimum quantity. As the physical activities are curtailed, so the food intake also to be proportionated.
7. Take Stock of medicines needed for elders and family.
8. FMCGs like Soap, Paste, hair oil, dishwash have to be rationed. Cut the soap bar into half.
9. Prepare a shopping list of only essentials. Those Wall hangings, Nail polishes, New towels, and bedsheets can be bought when normalcy returns.
10. Buy essentials based on sensible estimate. Do not stock it to Iast till Deepavali.
11. Make sure that everyone at home including you spend enough time at sunlight and doing sufficient physical exercise during the course of the day.
12. Dont do that adventurous yogasana by watching Youtube. Physical injury is the last thing you need at this time of crises.
13. When you venture out for Grocery and Pharmacy, Knock the next door and enquire if they need something. By which you will reduce the crowd at shop.
14. Avoid cash transactions. But if Currency is unavoidable put it in a separate pouch and wash your hands immediately after returning from the store.
15.Have faith in your Goverment. If you really runout of supplies, some helpline number will popup. Believe your Government. Do not heed to the negative propoganda in Social Media.
16. Drink plenty of water, Read books, talk more with family (unless you are busy with work from home schedule), Play games which keeps everybody talking and active, rather than getting glued to TV or internet.
17. Obviously when maid is not there share all the house hold work.
18. Set aside a time for Family Prayer. Thank Almighty for keeping us safe. Pray for those who work at outside 24x7, so that we live peacefully in our home. Pray for those who got stranded and suffering from hunger. Pray for them so that Almighty may feed them as He feeds the birds of the sky without fail.
19. Stay happy and send motivating messages to others. Unless it is absolutely necessary do not send pictures and Videos through Whats app and Face Book. Internet is getting overloaded. Keep it simple. Cheers.

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