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Radio,Television and Newspaper

1. British CultureRadio, Television and NewspapersMain Features Christopher Medina Rodríguez 1488028 Javier Alejandro Garza Vasquez 1606968 Juan Jose Moreno Velazco 1524350
  • 2. Radio and TelevisionThe three public bodies responsible for televisionand radio throughout Britain are:•The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), whichbroadcasts television and radio programmes;•The Independent Television Commission (ITC),which licences and regulates commercial televisionservice including cable, satellite and independentteletext services;•The Radio Authority, which licences and regulatescommercial radio services, including cable and satellite.
  • 3. Television People in Britain watch on average 25 hours of TV every week. Television viewing is Britains most popular leisure pastime. About 96 per cent of the population of Britain have television in their homes. In 1999, 13% of households had satellite television and 9% cable television.
  • 4. There are five main channels in Britain:Two national commercial-free BBC networks, BBC1 and BBC2,commercial ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 services. The BBCchannels are commercial free while the other three havecommercials.ITV1 is the most popular commercial television channel in Britain,watched on average by 45 million people every week.
  • 5. The most popular are "Eastenders", an often shocking drama aboutlife in East London, and "Coronation Street", which is about life inNorthern Britain. We also watch "Emmerdale", about life in a farmingvillage and two Australian soaps, "Neighbours" and "Home andAway".
  • 6. Reality programmesThese type of programmes involve filming normal peoplein their every-day lives or putting several people in aspecially built house where they can be filmed 24 hours-a-day and giving them challenges to do.The most famous of these is Big Brother. People in thehouse vote on who should be kicked out of the house andin the end the viewers vote for the winner who receives alarge amount of money
  • 7. TV Licence In the UK pay an annual licence to watch the television or PC at home, no matter how much or how little we watch TV. In the UK, if you use a TV or any other device to receive or record TV programmes (for example, a VCR, set-top box, DVD recorder or PC with a broadcast card) - you need a TV Licence. You are required by law to have one. Currently a TV Licence costs £142.50 for colour and £48.00 for black and white. There are no advertisements during BBC programmes. www.tvlicensing.co.uk/
  • 8. Freeview TV You can buy a digital box (costs about £40 to £60 and plugs into TV) or a new TV. Additional free digital services include the existing channels. There are about 30 channels in all, known as Freeview channels.
  • 9. Radio People in Britain listen to an average 15 hours and 50 minutes of radio each week. The BBC has five national radio networks which together transmit all types of music, news, current affairs, drama, education, sport and a range of feature programmes. There are also 39 BBC local radio stations, and national radio services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • 10. Newspapers There are about 130 daily and Sunday newspapers, over 2,000 weekly newspapers and some 7,000 periodical publications in Britain. The press in Britain is free to comment on matters of public interest, subject to law. Daily Newspapers sell 322 copies per 1000 people in the UK, the eighth highest rate in the world.
  • 11. British newspapers include thefollowing: The Daily Mail The Daily Telegraph The Financial Times The Guardian The Independent
  • 12.  The Scotsman The Times Western Mail and Echo The Sun The Mirror The Herald

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