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History of radio

  • 1. The History of Radio• The history of radio can be traced through the lives of these people: – Maxwell – Hertz – Heavyside – Marconi – DeForest – Armstrong – Farnsworth – Sarnoff
  • 2. James Clerk Maxwell• Unified Electric and Magnetic Theory.• Predicted Electromagnetic Wave Propagation• Theorized that light was an electromagnetic wave.• Could “low-frequency” waves be generated ? James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)
  • 3. Heinrich Hertz • Experimentally verified Maxwell’s Theories. • Generated and propagated “radio waves” • Built first transmitter, antenna, and receiver apparatus.Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894)
  • 4. Guglielmo Marconi• The “inventor of radio”.• Improved and commercialized Hertz’ apparatus.• Used for radio telegraphy.• Among the first radio engineers. (1874-1937)
  • 5. Oliver Heavyside• Mr. Heavyside was perhapsthe first true electricalengineer.•He was an odd recluse, whowas entirely self taught!•Although unappreciated inhis time, he providedmathematical solutions toimportant problems.•Among his accomplishmentsare transmission line theory Oliver Heavysideand Heavyside (Laplace) 1850-1925Transforms.
  • 6. Lee DeForest • Invented the “audion” vacuum tube. • Allowed for ampflication and detection. • Led to first transmission of voice and music.Lee DeForest (1873-1961)
  • 7. Edwin Howard Armstrong • Perhaps the greatest EE in history. • Inventor of the: – feedback amplifier – electronic oscillator – super-hetrodyne receiver – FM radio. • These inventions allowed for the transmission of voice and music.Edwin H. Armstrong • His ideas are still widely(1890-1954) used today!
  • 8. Philo T. Farnsworth• Inventor of electronic television.• Largely self-taught.• Developed initial design while in high school!• A victim of bad timing and small Philo T. Farnsworth (1907-1971) capital.
  • 9. David Sarnoff • Began as telegraph operator for Marconi. • Originated idea of “broadcasting.” • Became president of the Radio Corporation of America • Was not an engineer — and the only guy who became really wealthy!

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